The Clinic Is Coming!

We’ve been hearing about a mobile clinic for several years. Is it actually going to happen?

Emergency Notification System

WMHI continues to remind and encourage residents to sign up for Yavapai County’s Emergency Notification System.

Panic and Anxiety

Sometimes our minds can create panic and anxiety - we wake up in the night worried about so many things. For cancer patients, it feels like we have a death sentence and it's so scary that panic ensues

Be An Informed Patient

Understand your diagnoses and treatments. Be an active member of your healthcare team.

Resilience and Hardiness – Part 2

Several readers of the Yellow Sheet wanted more information about resilience and hardiness. There is always more to say about our health and our ability to bounce back.

Resilience and Hardiness – Part 1

How do we stay resilient in the new year? How do we keep our good habits going and remain hardy in spite of winter?

Catch the wave!

Kathy will be available to help residents sign up for “Alert YAVAPAI” Emergency Notification System (former CODE RED program)  AND Emergency Evacuation Assistance at each of the following events!

Thinking about Hospice

Many readers liked and discussed the article about hospice that Jerrie Lea and I wrote last month.  She is away, so I will try to address some of the questions and comments from last month's article on her experience with her late husband Ron and hospice. 

Gut Health for Good Health

The gut has an active and diverse colony inside and your overall health is dependent on the health of your gut.

Hospice – Quality of Life until the end

Hospice is a type of health care that focuses on the comfort of a terminally ill patient and on their symptom management.  Hospice also helps with spiritual and emotional needs for  end of life care.  Comfort and quality of life are the goals as pain and suffering are reduced.