The Clinic is Coming!

An interview with Peter Stachowicz, Chief Officer of Operations at Wickenburg
By Frances Lechner, President

  1. We’ve been hearing about a mobile clinic for several years. Is it actually going to happen?
    Peter Stachowicz – Yes, finally! We expect delivery of the vehicle in June, and plan to start scheduling Meet & Greet visits in July or August in the communities we will be serving. Final rollout with a schedule will occur in September.
  2. Which communities are you hoping /planning will host the Mobile Clinic?
    Peter Stachowicz – WickCare Clinic is planned to serve all of the following: Yarnell, Peeples Valley, Wilhoit, Aguila, Wittman, Kirkland and Morristown. Plus many more in the Aquila, Wenden area’s We are working now, with the help of Weaver Mountains Health Initiative, to identify potential locations where the Clinic can be “hosted” consistently in each community.
  3. What kind of services will be offered at the WickCare Clinic?
    Peter Stachowicz – Primary Care with a dedicated NP will be the prime focus for the unit. It will also participate in community events, out reaches and education and wellness programs.
  4. Who will be providing the services at the Clinic?
    Peter Stachowicz – A Nurse Practioner has been identified and will join the team.
  5. Are walk-in visits going to be available?
    Peter Stachowicz – Most visits will be scheduled; individuals will call the scheduling number 928-668-1833_, and book an appointment, just as you would for an appointment in a brick & mortar clinic. If the schedule has some gaps, or if there is a no-show, a walk in visit may be possible.
  6.  What insurance companies will be accepted at the Clinic?
    Peter Stachowicz – United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, ACCHCS, Medicare all the ones the hospital is contracted with.
  7. What if someone doesn’t have insurance?
    Peter Stachowicz – Just like in the other clinics, we have charity care.
  8. How often will WickCare Clinic visit each community?
    Peter Stachowicz – We’d like to see once a month visits to communities so that people can get established with a provider and have routine access to follow-up care.

    This schedule is currently being developed; it will probably be 2x a month to start with, and then may vary based on the number of appointments that are booked.

  9. Will the WickCare Clinic offer any kind of telehealth or telemedicine options?
    Peter Stachowicz – The mobile unit will have StarLink and telehealth can be provided.
  10. Anything else you want to tell YELLOW SHEET readers?
    Peter Stachowicz – Yes! Besides visiting all the communities I mentioned earlier, the WickCare Clinic will be a centerpiece exhibit at this year’s Health & Wellness EXPO. That’will be held on Saturday, Sep. 21, at Model Creek Elementary School in Peeples Valley.