Gut Health for Good Health

The gut has an active and diverse colony inside and your overall health is dependent on the health of your gut.

Hospice – Quality of Life until the end

Hospice is a type of health care that focuses on the comfort of a terminally ill patient and on their symptom management.  Hospice also helps with spiritual and emotional needs for  end of life care.  Comfort and quality of life are the goals as pain and suffering are reduced. 

Your Rights as a Person in Grief

You have the right to ...

Standing up for yourself in the medical system

Advocating for yourself and getting your needs met in the medical system can be so challenging.

Distorted Thinking

Our physical health and attitudes are definitely affected by our thinking patterns. Here are 5 distortions that might derail your train of thoughts and be self-defeating.

Positive thinking for the New Year

It's a new year and the Weaver Mountains Health Initiative has some ideas for how positive changes could occur.

Happy Holidays from the Weaver Mountains Health Initiative

Picture each of the boxes below tied up with a ribbon, and wrapped in festive paper.