Resilience and Hardiness – Part 1

By Joyce Dennison, Ph.D.

How do we stay resilient in the new year? How do we keep our good habits going and remain hardy in spite of winter?

Resilience and hardiness are our capacity to adapt to stress and trauma.  We can manage to change stress/trauma to a positive mindset.  It helps us keep a positive psychological state in spite of all of life’s challenges. 

 It’s cold.  It’s snowing.  Our health is not good.  Our friend died.

But if we can keep positive, it helps us keep satisfied and optimistic.

Our mental, physical, social and spiritual personality needs all the help we can get.  

To cope with stress, we need to find purpose, take care of ourselves, use our networks for support, take on a small goal, ask for help, make more connections with people around us (and pets). Talk to our health care providers…  Here’s to a hardy and resilient winter in the new year! We can do this if we all work together as a community.